10 Tips To Motivate Yourself or Workout

It’s normal to caught up in problems, prior commitments, and work responsibilities. We often ditch workout for never-ending excuses- nagging headache, cold day, work stress, Monday blues, relationship drama, etc.

No matter where you get stuck, we got you covered with some amazing tips to fuel your inner fire to ignite physical activities.

10 Tips To Motivate Yourself For The Workout:

1. Pep Talk

Kick away your negative thoughts and have a positive self-talk.  Don’t be too harsh on yourself. Appreciate your body. This will boost your confidence. Every time you want to quit, say some inspiring phrases to yourself- “I’ve got this!” or “Let’s go.”

2. Make A Vision Board

Surround yourself with things that aspire you to do more. Make a vision board and stick positive quotes, success pictures, catchphrases, and images.

3. Start Small

It’s not healthy to wake up one morning and begin an intense routine. It can lead to injuries and disappointments. Start small workouts. Increase the intensity step-by-step.

4. Build A Plan

Organize your goals. Make a schedule of your activities. Keep logging it daily. For instance, draw a chart of activities for the day like 1 km of walking, 2 min planks, 100 Jumping jacks, etc.

5. Avoid Comparisons

Its good to find inspiration and look up to a fitness model. But do not compare yourself with his/her body. It can develop unhealthy thoughts such as “why my body is not like her?”.

6. Have Fun

If you think you are getting bored with your usual workout, then do some fun activities which can still be burning calories. Zumba, dance, swimming, cycling, etc can jazz up your workout.

7. Self-Care Time

Give yourself a break after a long routine. Do things like massages, hot baths, Sauna; watch movies; or go out. Relax your body and mind.

8. Non-Scale Victories

Standing on a weighing machine daily and looking whether you lose any weight. Change this approach. Find some other ways to measure your success like glowing skin, building muscles, fitting in old clothes, etc.

9. Visualize Your Success

Picture yourself attaining your goals. Those feelings will cheer you up and motivate you to do more.

10. Acknowledge Your Small Steps

It’s important to celebrate your small steps to feel better. Think of completing 1 minute of plank. Acknowledge that and give yourself a reward.

It’s time to keep moving forward and make the most out of your workout.