12 Activities To Do When You Are Angry Or Annoyed

Naturally, we humans experience all kinds of emotions in our day to day lives. And anger is one of the most powerful feelings which can be harmful to others as well as for ourselves.

Many things provoke us to get red easily.  But to avoid being vexed, there are ways to distract your mind.

12 Activities To Do When You Are Feeling Angry Or Annoyed:

1. Count

A super-easy way to avoid cursing someone when angry is to count. Count to 10…50…100.

2. Turn On Some Music

Music is a great remedy to calm down the feelings of entrapment or annoyance. Listen to happy tunes. Make a playlist of some cheering and motivating songs.

3. Take A Walk

When you think that things can go out of control, so leave the room and step outside. Go for a walk and breathe in some fresh air.

4. Play Games

Try playing some video games or mobile games to take your attention away from worrying.

5. Breathe In And Out

Sit comfortably and do the breathing exercise. Relax your mind.

6. Eat A Snack

Try having a snack next time you feel irritated. Eat ice creams, yogurt, or anything whenever you are battling with anger.

7. Journal Your Worries

Grab a pen, take out a diary, and write down what’s troubling you. Scribble how you are feeling. Get everything out on paper.

8. Watch Something Hilarious

Turn on Tv, YouTube, Netflix, and look for something funny to watch. Sitcoms, stand-ups, comedy videos anything that will cheer you up.

9. Dance Out Your Worries

Dance out all your worries and tensions. Groove to some beats to pull off your angry mood.

10. Exercise

When you are angry, you are already feeling energetic. Do some workout to reduce stress. Lift weights, do squats, etc.

11. Blow Bubbles Or Balloons

Blow some bubbles or even balloons to get rid of negative feelings. This activity has soothing effects on your mind.

12. Jump… It’s Fun

I know it may sound crazy but bouncing has benefits. Jumping will ensure improved oxygen circulation in your body, making it more alert, healthier, and happier.

Follow the above list to avoid a disaster when you are angry.

Stay Happy folks!!