7 Reasons To Love Money Heist Series On Netflix

The world is reeling from the Money Heist hysteria but the obsession with it continues as the 4th season dropped in April,2020. Currently, the most beloved show on Netflix is the Money Heist or La Casa Da Papel (as they say in Spanish).

The thriller drama with a band of robbers donned in red jumpsuits and masks created a lot of buzz across the globe.

Here are 7 reasons why everyone is loving Money Heist:

1. Pseudo Identity

The characters picked nicknames after the cities. The fake names were given to avert the police from unearthing the real identity of the characters.

The fans naturally call Tokyo, Berlin, Denver without giving it a second thought. In between the episodes, the actual names of some characters were revealed but we all chose to call them with the city names. As Tokyo said the friends with city names are the best she had in years, the hype on the Internet about their names is huge.

2. Fast-Paced Storyline

Frenetic pace is maintained across all the seasons. The cat and mouse chase between police and robbers; plans going up and down; and constant moments of excitement are the part of this thriller drama.

3. Fascinating Characters

There is a wide range of characters that you can connect with. Be it be the leader of the team, Berlin who was a highly intelligent psychopath or Tokyo, the narrator of the story, always high on adrenaline or the mastermind of the heist, the Professor. Every character has some unique and over-the-top personality.

3. Unpredictable at Moments

This edge-of-the-seat thriller show gives you no clue, what is going to happen next? It keeps you hooked with its twists and turns.

The plan appeared flawless in theory but flawed in action when police try to intervene or hostages start creating a fuss. And the escape plan is not that simple.

4. Interpersonal Love and Drama

Emotions are as important as the plot. We saw all kinds of feelings in this drama that made us smile at moments and cry at others.

The passionate romance between Tokyo and Rio, lovemaking scenes of Professor and officer Raquel, the joy of victory, tug of war between the members, father-son moments of Moscow and Denver, and sadness of losing someone dear.  We all felt that.

5. Iconography

The icons used in the series picked up stream very quickly. The robbers dressed in red jumpsuits, wearing Salvador Dali masks and singing Bella Ciao soon became the symbols. Even the symbols of resistance in Iraq, France, etc.

The Italian song Bella Ciao becomes a sign of victory. It is an actual song chanted by soldiers during World War II and also by anti-fascist rallies in Italy.

6. Empathetic Figures

What made these robbers loved by everyone was the fact that they were not mere thieves but had a story behind everything. Be it be the professor’s desire of fulfilling his father’s dream or to get back Rio. They even gathered fans in the series.

7. Cliff-Hanger

Cliff-hanger at the end of almost every episode kept us glued to our seats and longed for more episodes.

Bella Ciao!