10 Horror Movies to Enjoy on Halloween Day

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Vampires, monsters, blood-thirsty ghosts, haunted houses. If you find them entertaining, here is a list of 10 horror movies to enjoy on Halloween Day.

The best kind of horror movies is the ones that will give you the most jump scares and deepest fears. It’s actually fun when you wonder whether your own house is haunted. Or what’s hiding behind your curtains. These paranormal films are scary and remain in your mind even after they are over. Sweeping assertions that “I am hella strong… I don’t scare away easily” will then look absurd.

If you are someone that relishes these kinds of flicks, then turn off your lights, grab a popcorn tub, and be ready to get afraid with these horror movies.

The Strangers (A home-invasion horror movies)

The Strangers (2008) is one of the home-invasion horror movies starring Scott Speedman and Liv Tyler. The couple breaks up in a remote home and then are threatened by masked killers who barge into the house and ruin all means of communication.

This movie creates a constant fear by its startling relentlessness. It is the kind of story where a bunch of strange loons lurks menacingly in your house to end your life.

Horror Movie

The Exorcist (Extremely petrifying)

When you say it’s just a movie and that movie is the horror classic- The Exorcist (1973). Despite it being too old, The Exorcist is truly terrifying even now.

The film narrates the tale of the exorcism of a 12-year-old Regan who is meeting unbelievable night terrors. She is processed by some soul. A local priest comes into the play to save the little girl. What follows next is the girl distorting her body, levitating, and performing demonic stuff. Undoubtedly, The Exorcist is an iconic horror staple.

Horror Movie

Get Out (A mind-blowing horror movies)

The 2017 horror movie, Get Out, follows a young man who discovers dreadful secrets about his girlfriend. And the trouble begins. You’ll get to know that something is not right with her entire family.

It is a modern-day wonder that feels so realistic.

Horror Movie

Insidious (Spooky unexplainable world)

As you look for horror movies to watch this Halloween season, Insidious is a must-watch. It is basically a story of a boy whose mind is trapped in a disturbing other realm called The Further. His family makes earnest attempts to save him. With no other options left, they call for a couple who possesses psychic powers.

Insidious is an unsettling paranormal experience that quickens your pulse, gives goosebumps, and shivers down your spine.

Insidious Horror

Orphan (Psycho child thriller)

Home is where your heart is. It’s also where the nightmares live. A couple adopts a little cute girl who turns out to be someone else.

The movie will give you chills, especially at the end. There’s intense paranoia when you see that girl in antique dresses and hair ribbons.

Horror Movie

Scream (Serial killer horror movies)

Scream can glue yourself to your seats from beginning to end. A serial killer is on the loose who wear long deformed masks to terrorize with his dark presence. The movie introduces the iconic ghost faces.

The movie hasn’t aged a bit and is still a masterpiece for a captivating, unsettling thriller.


Lights Out (Terrifying at all costs)

Months after a tragic accident that kills his dad, Martin finds some unexplained events in his house. When lights go off, an alarming figure lurks around him.

You will instantly feel a sense of vulnerability whatever is happening with him and his half-sister. And the creature that haunts them is on another level. You will probably get shocked after watching the ending.

Horror movie

It Follows (A frightening sensation)

This eerie horror movie brings you a new terrifying tale of a teen girl who is stuck by an unstoppable doom. A monster is underway which will scare everyone that comes its way.

What makes it more interesting is that this creature is passed through even intercourse. Scary isn’t it. The creature will follow you everywhere at any time. Watch out for yourself.

Scary Halloween movie

The Hills Have Eyes (Bloodthirsty mutants horror movies)

A 2006 horror slasher movie communicates an incident involving brutal attacks on a family taking a road trip. You will feel a looming sense of fear when something goes wrong.

There’s a severe terror sprinkled in when the travellers are stuck in a deserted site. They soon discover that they are not alone. A group of sadist hungry mutants creeps into the area.

Mutant killer movie

It (A nightmare)

This horror movie is based on Stephan King’s novel of the same name. If you find clowns funny, then watch It to change your view. The blood-curdling clown feeds on the children’s deepest fear. And not to forget his horrific dancing.

The ominous elements are unexpected. It is one of the rarest horror movies of which the opening scene will never leave your mind.

It Scary Movie

Honourable mentions of all-time favourite horror movies: The Ring, The Conjuring, Rec, The Witch, Paranormal Activity, Malignant, and Friday the 13th.