10 Weird Yet Useful Kitchen Gadgets On Amazon

Wanna upgrade your culinary game? We have clubbed together 10 weird, funky and most useful kitchen items on Amazon. These devices are so genius that they will change your life.

1. Avocado Slicer

Avocado toasts and salads are popular among millennials. However, the only problem with this much-loved fruit is its pitting. Knives can be dangerous sometimes when it comes to pulling out the avocado. To avoid injuries, an avocado slicer comes to the rescue.

This little yet sharp device has a blade that cuts it from the core and has a cylindrical middle part to remove the pit.

2. A-Peeling Veggie Sharpener

The gadget on Amazon looks like a giant pencil sharpener but makes the vegetables peel smoother. The quirky sharpener can peel carrots, cucumbers, etc. You can revamp your presentation game by decorating garnishes from the peeler.

3. Finger Guard

How much do you care about your finger during chopping? A lot but wondering what to do? This simple yet effective ring provides a quick solution. It saves your nails and fingers from scratching and cutting.

You can wear the steel guard just like a ring. A boon is that it is adjustable.

4. Corn Peeler

Peeling corn with forks or knives can be tricky. But A corn peeler can save your day buddy. Simply slide over the corn to remove the kernel without creating a fuss.


5. Egg Timer

Can I eat my eggs now? Are they boiled properly? Stop the guessing game with this bizarre yet handy tool on Amazon.

The timer will indicate whether the eggs are perfectly cooked or not.

6. Garlic Peeler

Garlic adds an exciting flavour to dishes. This everyday ingredient needs a handful of peeling which may be a little tough. An inexpensive garlic peeler on Amazon is a tool you need.

Insert a garlic bulb into the peeler and roll it to and fro at least 10 times. Ta-da! The skin is removed.

7. Condiment Gun

Amazon brings you to the coolest gun to squeeze ketchup, mayo, or any other sauce. Next time you want to make a sandwich, then hands up you have the most groovy dispenser with you.

8. Clip-On Sauce Holder

A holder for those who love to have a sauce with food. A separate sauce container or pouring the sauce into the plate can be messy. You can clip the little bowls on the edges to keep spices, dips, sauces and mayo. Amazon has the answer to all your worries.

9. Pizza Scissors

Pizza scissors are much better than pizza cutters. It perfectly slices pizza on any base- non-stick pan or wood. Scissors are equipped with a base that lifts slices of pizza easily.

10. Fridge Freshener 

Yes, you have heard it right. A small device to take away odour from your fridge and microwave. You just need to remove the head and add baking soda. Keep it in the appliances and feel fresh every time you open them.

Add them to your wishlist and enjoy!